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The Second International Coiled Tubing Seminar Held in Yantai

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Yantai / Updated: 2016-01-11 / PR Newswire -- Hosted by ICoTA China and organized by JASON O&G Equipment, LLC, the Second International Coiled Tubing Seminar was held in Yantai, lasting two days. It was attended by a large number of CT experts, including Mr. Bernie Luft, president and chief engineer of Halliburton, Mr. Jeff Li, senior consultant of Essential Coil Well Service, Dr. Zou Zhaoming, the expert of Chengdu Coiled Tubing Research Institution.


The Second International Coiled Tubing Seminar


Immersed in the strong academic atmosphere, the experts from R&D institutions and enterprises home and abroad discussed on specific technologies with passion. “The seminar included even meetings of experts who shared their academic achievements in low cycle fatigue assessment, testing technologies, construction technologies, operational design and simulation, etc. It has become a quality platform for sharing new technologies and experience and for driving the rapid development of the industry,” said the organizing director.

Established in 1994, ICoTA is an independent not-for-profit organization on a membership basis. The mission of ICoTA is to build channels of dialogue among the members and form a platform of communication and interaction for the manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and end-users in the associated fields, including coiled tubing, well testing wire, well logging cable, hydraulic workover rig and pumping, promoting the rapid and sustainable development of the coiled tubing industry. The ICoTA China Chapter was established on May 22nd, 2015, with Jason Gao, general manager of JASON O&G Equipment, LLC, appointed as the first chairman of the chapter.