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About ICoTA China

ICoTA China was established in May 2015 in Yantai, China.


For the previous seminars, ICoTA China invited the world’s top CT technical experts from the United States, Canada and China to give live speeches, and discussed widely and deeply with the participants on the technical and process problems in the use of coiled tubing, such as CT corrosion resistance analysis, CT fatigue life management, CT drilling process and CT applications.

ICoTA China also provides technical platforms by holding regular activities such as technical seminars, roundtables and cocktail parties to strengthen the communication between enterprises and experts in the industry, and to promote the technical sharing and development.

About ICoTA

  • Foundation
    The Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) was established in 1994.
  • ICoTA Address
    Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association, 21325 Eva Street #8 (P.O. Box 1082) Montgomery, TX 77356.

The Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) was established in 1994 with the mission to enhance communication, gather technical expertise, and promote safety, training, competency and industry accepted practices.ICoTA seeks the participation and involvement of manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and end-users of coiled tubing, hydraulic workover, pumping and associated technologies.


The business and activities of ICoTA are generally conducted at two levels: the international level and the regional or Chapter level.


Website: http://www.icota.com

Previous Lecturers
  • Dr. Roderic K. Stanley
    Chairman of API 5ST
    Dr. Roderic K. Stanley
  • Watson-Bradley-Mitchell
  • Michael-Melnychuk
    Director of Engineering of Precise Downhole Services Ltd.
  • Aaron Lin
    Technical Engineer of Jason Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Aaron Lin
  • Xiude Lu
    Manager of CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co., LTD. Downhole Operation Company
    Xiude Lu
  • Xianbin Liu
    Associate Research Fellow and Master Supervisor of China Institute of Metal Research
    Xianbin Liu
  • Li Gensheng
    Academician of CAE
    Li Gensheng
  • Mr. Lei Gao
    Chairman of ICoTA China Chapter ,CEO of Jason O&G Equipment Co.,Ltd
    Mr. Lei Gao
  • Ken Newman
    Founder of Athena Engineering Services 、Founder of CTES Cerberus
    Ken Newman
  • Steven M. Tipton
    Frank W. Murphy Distinguished Professor ,the University of Tulsa
    Steven M. Tipton
  • ZhangGuofeng
    Technical expert of Sinopec Jianhan Oil Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Zhou Zhihong
    Professor of Yangtze University & Technical Consultant of the Engineering Research Center under Sinopec Oilfield Service Jianghan Corporation
    Zhou Zhihong
  • Charlie Cai
    Chief Engineer of Jason Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Charlie Cai
  • Wang Tang
    Expert of Sinopec Jianghan Shale Gas Exploitation Service Company
    Wang Tang
  • Marc Allcorn
    Industry Consultant-Well Intervention Director of ALERT Company
    Marc Allcorn
  • Lem Edillon
    Engineering Manager of Coiled Tubing Services STEP Energy Services Ltd
    Lem Edillon
  • Lauren Mendenhal
    CTD Consultant of Tenax Energy Solutions
    Lauren Mendenhal
  • Fernando Baez Manzanera
    Chairman of ICoTA MENA & President of BRVR
    Fernando Baez Manzanera
  • Bernie Luft
    President and Chief Engineer of the Engineering Consulting and Research Company under Halliburton
    Bernie Luft
  • Antoni Miszewski
    Managing Director of AnTech Ltd.
    Antoni Miszewski
  • Jiang Qiang
    Deputy Director of the Shale Gas Development Service Company under Sinopec Oilfield Service Jianghan Corporation
    Jiang Qiang
  • Tomas Padron
    Metallurgical Engineer of Baker Hughes- Application Experts
    Tomas Padron
  • Ben Layton
    CT Anti-Corrosion analysis of Step Energy
    Ben Layton
  • Patrick Kelleher
    Vice President of ATHENA
    Patrick Kelleher
  • Ryan Grant
    Sales Vice President of Mountain Coil Tubing
    Ryan Grant
  • Karan Kaul
    Principal Technical Professional - Production Solutions of Halliburton
    Karan Kaul
  • John Yeung
    Coil/Fracturing Experts of Element Technical Services
    John Yeung
  • Frans Samuel Samosir
    Well Service Maintenance Manager of Schlumberger Australia
    Frans Samuel Samosir
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